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Albion Development VCT PLC

Registered in England, No 03654040
Registered office: 1 King’s Arms Yard,
London, EC2R 7AF

Member of The Association of Investment Companies

Albion Development VCT PLC is a venture capital trust which raised a total of £33.3 million through the issue of Ordinary shares between 1999 and 2004 (the C shares merged with the Ordinary shares in 2007) and a further £6.3 million was raised through the issue of D shares in 2010.

The Company’s investment policy is intended to provide investors with a regular and predicable source of dividend income combined with the prospects of long term capital growth. This is achieved by establishing a diversified portfolio of holdings in smaller, unquoted companies whilst at the same time selecting and structuring investments in such a way as to reduce the risks normally associated with investment in such companies.

Dividends paid and recently declared since launch:
Ordinary Shares: Ordinary Shares: 75.3p, 'C' shares: 63.0p and 'D'shares: 14.5p

NAV*: Ordinary Shares: 72.2p, 'C' shares: 77.4p and 'D'shares: 107.1p at 31 March 2014
Total Return: Ordinary Shares: 147.5p, 'C' shares: 140.4p and 'D'shares: 121.6p

*Where applicable, Net Asset Value is reduced by dividend declared


Financial year end: December
AGM: 11am on 4 June 2014
Last dividend paid: 30 September 2013 (2.5 pence per Ordinary Share and 2.5 pence per D Share)
Next dividend due: 30 May 2014 (2.5 pence per Ordinary Share and 2.5 pence per D Share)

The London Stock Exchange code for the VCT is AADV for Ordinary Shares and AADD for D share

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