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Albion Enterprise VCT PLC

Registered in England, No 05990732
Registered office: 1 King’s Arms Yard, London, EC2R 7AF
Member of The Association of Investment Companies

Albion Enterprise VCT PLC raised £20 million in April 2007 and £10 million under the Further Offer in April 2008. The Company aims to provide investors with a regular and predictable source of income, combined with the prospect of longer term capital growth. Investments will range from lower risk, income producing businesses to higher risk technology companies.

Dividends paid and recently declared since launch: 28.85p

NAV*: 95.18p as at 30 September 2015
Total Return: 124.03p

*Where applicable, Net Asset Value is reduced by dividend declared


Financial year end: March
Half-yearly: September
Last dividend paid: 28 August 2015 (2.5p per Ordinary share)
Next dividend due: 29 February 2016 (2.5p per Ordinary share)

The London Stock Exchange code for the VCT is AAEV

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