Greenenerco is a partnership with Infinite Renewables, a Welsh based consultancy with whom Albion Ventures is to develop a single 500kW Wind Turbine in Wales. The wind turbine is operational.


Quantexa uses the latest advances in big data analytics and artificial intelligence to help its banking, insurance and government customers detect financial crime.


Albion has invested £3 million in customer acquisition management company Convertr. Convertr is an award winning enterprise technology platform, launched in 2011 by entrepreneurs Emma Bowkett, CEO and Clive Brett, which helps advertisers enhance their digital marketing through real-time efficiencies in customer acquisition and data partnerships.


Albion Ventures has invested £1.5m in automotive technology specialists SBD, headquartered in Milton Keynes with offices in North America, Japan and India. 

SBD are specialists in automotive technology, providing independent  research, evaluation and strategic services to 95% of the world’s leading car manufacturers.


Oviva is a digital health business providing medical nutritional counselling. The company has developed mobile technology solutions that enable its dietitians to provide superior care in a highly efficient way.  Oviva is headquartered in Zurich and currently has operations in Germany and the UK.


Albion Community Power announces another project in association with Infinite Renewables, a 1.5MW wind turbine project on land next to the Goathill Quarry, Easter Bucklyvive, Fife, Scotland.