City Screen Cinemas

Albion Ventures initially invested £1.2 million alongside City Screen Limited, the UK's leading art-house cinema operator, to develop the Cambridge Arts Picturehouse in 1999 and subsequently invested further funds to develop the Picturehouse at FACT in Liverpool in 2002, the Greenwich Picturehouse in 2004, The Ritzy in Brixton and the Exeter Picturehouse in 2005 and Cinema City in Norwich in 2007, with additional funds invested in 2009 to enable the cinemas to become fully digital.


In total Albion Ventures invested approximately £8.6 million and received total proceeds including loan stock interest, loan stock repayments and other payments over the course of the investment of over £22 million, a return of approximately 2.6x.

Albion Ventures successfully exits cinema investments
Henry Stanford