Seeking investment

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with our investee companies, taking a seat on the board and providing advice on a strategic level when required, with the ultimate aim to realise the full potential of the business and its management.

We look to invest between £0.5 million to £10 million in a wide range of growing businesses, from technology oriented companies, to service and asset-based businesses. Our larger investments tend to be more asset backed, such as care homes and hotels, while at the smaller end of the funding scale, we look at a variety of growth businesses, including second or third round technology propositions, pharmaceutical opportunities or environmental projects. Finally in the middle ground of between £2 million and £5 million our focus is mainstream growth capital.

The Albion team of investors have a diverse range of professional backgrounds and between them have many years of investing and helping businesses create value. To date we have invested in over 90 companies.

To find out more about whether Albion may be the investment partner for you, please call us on 0207 601 1850 or email

Investment Criteria & Process

When reviewing investment opportunities, our key investment criteria include:

  •     A company operating in a strong growth market with clear product differentiation;
  •     Strong management team with a relevant track record who are motivated to work with an institutional investor to create substantial shareholder value;
  •     A clear implementation strategy; and
  •     A strategy for realisation of shareholder value.

Our investment process will include a number of stages:

  •     Initial meetings / review of business case
  •     Agree term sheet
  •     First stage investment committee
  •     Formal due diligence – commercial and financial
  •     Second stage investment committee
  •     Completion

In the majority of our investments we have been able to go from the agreed term sheet stage to completion within six weeks.